Vellore Beth-za-dha Mission

Beth-za-tha (Spirituality and Guidance centre, Vellore)

A healing ministry project of the Diocese of Madhya Kerala, working hand in hand with CMC Hospital, Vellore.

Motto: Healing through prayer and care

Beth-za-tha, Spirituality and Guidance centre, is a healing ministry project of the Diocese of Madhya Kerala, working hand in hand with Christian Medical College hospital, Vellore. Beth-za-tha is working under the Vellore mission which is one of the mission fields of Madhya Kerala Diocese. It is situated very near to CMC hospital, almost 2 km away from the hospital with ample travelling facilities. It is also near to the main bus stand and railway station.

Motto: Healing through prayer and care. We take care of the physical, spiritual, psychological and financial needs of the patients through the various projects under Beth-za-tha.

Highlights of activities

Accommodation: Beth-za-tha provides accommodation for patients and relatives. At present we are having 23 rooms all bath attached except two and dormitory which can accommodate 15 people. We have two bedded, three bedded and four bedded rooms, at reasonable rates. We also provide kitchen facility.

Guidance and counselling: Beth-za-tha offers counselling for patients and relatives, guide them through the formalities of the hospital, such as arranging appointments with the doctors, applying for concession and procuring services of medical labs and other departments.

Spiritual concerns: Prayer and worship services at 7:30 pm every day brings fellowship and comfort to those who are at Beth-za-tha. This year we installed speakers in every room which helps the patients to hear the prayers in their room. Through this project we were able to reach many non Christians which had helped them to know about a Christ who can heal them.

Ambulance service: Ambulance service available at the centre is useful for the transport of patients to hospital and railway station.

Caring Hands: Caring hands is a new project started in 2009. Under this project we have two main funds, Agape medical assistance fund (AMAF) which is initiated to help poor patient to undergone a major surgery and Anpu Medicine fund (AMF) which is initiated to help poor patients to buy medicines. This year we were able to help many patients financially and more than two lakh rupees has been given as financial aid for helping patients. We thank all the people who have contributed to this project for making this possible.

Prayer link: Prayer link is a new project started in 2010 to connect people through prayer. Names of the patients and their conditions will be sent to the churches and interested people through email, so they can pray for these patients and their needs. We are receiving a good response from the people on this project. You can contact us through this email id:-

Sharing hands: Sharing hands: Sharing Hands is a project started in 2011 for the students and staff of CMC hospital and VIT Engineering College under the initiative of Bethzatha to convey the gospel to the people in and around Vellore. This programme include visiting organisations, working for the poor and needy in the society (like poor homes), old age homes , orphanages and to help them in all possible ways. It also includes visiting villages to spread the gospel and creating awareness programmes for villagers. We encourage the students to come together to share their knowledge and skills to help others. We have a gospel team to build the students spiritually with a social concern.

Needs:Contributions to the caring hands medical help fund

Rev V J Biju
Centre Director

E mail:
Phone: 04162216582
Mobile: 09789716582