Child Care Ministry

Child Care Ministry

A Glance: – The Anglican Diocese of Travancore and Cochin, which had been in existence since 1879, came to be known as the Diocese of Central Travancore on the formation of the CSI on 27th September 1947. Subsequently, it was renamed the Diocese of Madhya Kerala in 1962. It has a membership of 2.75 lakhs in 12 District Councils. Total number of Congregation in and out Kerala is 382.

The Child Care Ministry of CSI Diocese of Madhya Kerala is working under the Children’s Welfare Board with a vision to uplift the poor and the unfortunate children of Madhya Kerala. The Program focuses on helping and sustaining the poor and the under privileged children in our economically backward society and also their families to have self-esteem and creditability of their life. Now the Child Care Ministry supports 657 children irrespective of caste and creed who are in different Day Care Centres, Child Development Care Projects and Residential Projects. The Children who had been in this project has come up in life and attained creditable status in the society. Still there are many children deserving support for their development.


  1. To assist needy children irrespective of caste and creed to lead a meaningful life
  2. To help them to build up their character
  3. To make them aware of the needs of others and the importance of sharing and helping
  4. To equip them with the ability to be self-reliant
  5. To ensure financial stability by introducing appropriate development activities to the families of the children and the community around.

Operational out line


  1. Early Child Hood Care
    • Day Care
    • Food & Clothing
    • Medical Care
    • Preliminary Education
    • Overall Development
  2. School Going Program
    • Food and Clothing
    • Educational Assistance
    • Free Tuition
    • Medical Care
    • Career Guidance
    • Leadership & talent development
    • Extra Curricular activities
  3. Community Development
    • Community Health
    • Education
    • People’s Organization
    • Empowerment of women
    • Income generation
    • Awareness Generating programs
    • Environmental care
    • Basic infrastructure Developments
    • Human Resource Development




Most Rev Thomas K Oommen, Moderator of CSI and Bishop in CSI Madhya Kerala Diocese is the Project Holder of this Ministry.