Christa Yuva Jathrothsava

Christa Yuva Jathrothsava

A Christian Youth Pilgrimage and Festival from Karimnagar to Kanyakumari of the Church of South India Youth Department, saw its culmination at CSI St Thomas Church, Tholassery, Tiruvalla of Madhya Kerala Diocese. Around 2000 youngsters from the 24 Dioceses belonging to the five southern states of South India pilgrimed their way towards tiruvalla with much excitement and jubilation to mark the beginning of this great Youth Movement organised by the Church of South India Synod Youth Department and hosted by the Madhya Kerala Diocese.

The day started with the sound of the Shofar and releasing of the Doves by the officers of the Synod and the Chairperson of the Youth Department as the youngsters marched in a procession to showcase the strength of the Youth and its vibrancy. Beloved Moderator, Most Rev Dr G Dyvasirvadam in his Inaugural message called the Youth of CSI to rebuild the broken lives and the communities. He exhorted them to Choose Life in midst of many life-negating realities and to mobilise and transform their strength towards affirming life and Nation Buiding.

Dr Thomas Issac, the Finance Minister of Kerala State, who Inaugurated the Youth Conference called the Youth to be more conscious with their changing lifestyle in adopting patterns of preserving nature and contributing for its co-existence. The Host Bishop, Rt Rev Thomas K Oommen, Deputy Moderator of the Church of South India, welcomed this august gathering and marked this occasion as more auspicious and historical as the Youth Movement in Madhya Kerala Diocese is celebrating its centenary this year. The Treasure of CSI, Adv Robert C Bruce, during his felicitations, urged the youngsters to organise, mobilise and move forward for the greater glory of God and the welfare of the Nation. The Chairperson of the Youth Department Bishop, Timothy Ravinder honoured and felicitated the dignitaries on the Dias with a beautiful artistic memento and shawl with flowers rendering the vote of thanks to the Inaugural ceremony.

Rev Dr Rathnakara Sadananda, General Secretary of CSI, while rendering his keynote address, pointed out many possibilities of changing oneself and transforming the community through the life and witness of Jesus Christ the Lord. He in his presentation showed various heart-touching video and clippings which inspired the youngsters to become more vision oriented and deeper with commitment in their faith Journey.

Regional sessions were held in the afternoon, where eminent Christian theologians came to challenge the minds of the youngsters to recapture the vision and mission of Christ and to move ahead in building Borderless Church and Christ Communities.

In the evening, a huge massive rally for solidarity was organised mainstreaming the Campaigns of the Synod, where two thousand youngsters hit the streets of Tiruvalla with great jubilation and joy as a sign of showing solidarity with the weak and the marginalised. This great march shook the streets of Tiruvalla, as the youngsters danced and shouted slogans when the entire rally was led by the Synod officers, Bishops and the other dignitaries of CSI. The Rally came to a close with a public meeting during which, Moderator Most Rev Dr G Dyvasirvadam and Deputy Moderator, Rt Rev Thomas K Oommen Tirumeni shared the purpose of this gathering and the rally.