Bhilai Industrial Mission

Bhilai Industrial Mission was founded by The Most Rev Thomas K Oommen, Moderator of CSI and Bishop in Madhya Kerala Diocese in the year 1988 (Rev Thomas K Oommen). In the beginning stage, a congregation was formed for the people who come from Kerala as part of their job in Bhilai and later on they start their mission works in various villages in different parts of Bhilai. Today mission works is going on through 15 dedicated missionaries in 35 villages all around Bhilai.

We were able to spread the Gospel in the villages which are very much, economically, socially and scholastically backward community.

Various ministries that are undertaken as part of Bhilai Industrial Mission are Tuition Classes, Computer Classes, Tailoring Class, Jail Ministry, Children and school Evangelism, and Hospital Ministry. We conduct medical camps as well as awareness programmes in our villages. Even though there are agitations against the Christian community as well as the Christian missionaries, in the state of Chhattisgarh, God Almighty is opening new ways before us day by day. It is only because of the power of prayer we could spread the gospel in the midst of the strong protest from the political parties.

Now we introduce our new project “Noah’s Ark English Medium Nursery School” into your consideration. By the grace of God we have started the classes for the new academic year from 21st June 2017. The main aim of this project is to provide free education for the children living in our villages. At this initial stage we have to raise a huge amount of money for this purpose. About 15 students have taken the admission for the academic year 2017-2018. More than 25 students are still approaching us to take admission but due to the lack of monetary as well lack space at the present situation we are not able to accommodate them. Now we have taken a building on rent basis for the smooth running of our school.


1. Missionary salary 4000/- per month (for 1 Missionary)
2. Students sponsorship 1250/- per month (for 1 student)
3. Teachers Sponsorship 3000/- per month ( for 2 teachers)
4. Non-teaching staff 1000/- per month
5. Study Materials 10000/-
6. Id card, Belt, Tie 3000/-
7. 2 sets of Uniform 15000/- (15 students)

The above mentioned are our needs for starting this project. When our diocese has completed 200 years in the history, it is our duty to provide education to the little ones who are still living in various villages of India.