Liturgical Colours

White is the colour for the festal periods from Christmas Eve to the festival of Epiphany, from Easter day to the eve of Pentecost, and for Trinity Sunday. It is also used for marriages, thanksgiving services, harvest festivals, the Feast of Dedication of a church and for feasts commemorating saints. White is suitable for baptism, confirmation and ordination, though red may be preferred.

Red is used on the feast of Pentecost, and during the week between Pentecost, and during the week between Pentecost and Trinity Sunday. It is used on All Saints’ Day and for the feasts of those, saints venerated as martyrs. It is appropriate for any service which focuses on the gift of the Holy Spirit, and is therefore suitable for baptism, confirmation and ordination.

Purple is the colour for Advent season and Lenten season and is therefore used from the first Sunday in Advent to the fourth Sunday in Advent; from Ash Wednesday until Holy Saturday. However, white may be preferred at Holy Communion service on Maundy Thursday. Purple is recommended for funerals and for the commemoration of the faithful departed, although either black or white may also be used. White is preferred at funeral of a child.

Green is the colour for ordinary Sundays. It is used between Epiphany and Ash Wednesday, and between Trinity Sunday and Advent Sunday.

Orange/Saffron CSI Episcopacy has instituted Orange/Saffron Hand bands and stolls for its Bishops. Orange is colour of Indian and it is on the top of the Indian Flag symbolizing Indian spirituality of Prayer, Meditation, Sacrifice, Selflessness and Commitment. The CSI Episcopal vestments do not change the colour through our the year, for Episcopacy stands for continuity of Pastoral Leadership, Solemnity and Dignity of Liturgical continuance and perpetual Theological reflection and commitment to God to His Word and to his Church.

Liturgical colours
January 1 to January 06 White
January 7 to February 28 Green
March 1 to April 15 Purple
April 16 to June 3 White
June 4 to June 10 Red
June 11 White
June 12 to December 2 Green
December 3 to December 24 Morning Purple
December 24 Evening to December 31 White

The menu colours of this site also follows the liturgical colours based on these seasons.