Parakal Mission

Inspired by the example of Missionary Societies, the Diocese of Travancore and Cochin started organized missionary work in and outside the Diocese. The first native missionaries 23 were sent out in 1924, and the field was Parkal Taluq, Hyderabad in the Dornakal Diocese (Now C.S.I. Karimnagar Diocese).

Progress was rather slow at first, but after about a decade the work gathered momentum. The backward Mala and Madiga castes first came under the influence of the Gospel, but later higher castes were also attracted. Today there are 10,000 baptized Christians, 100 Christian Villages, 50 worshipping centres, 19 Churches, 28 mission house, 2 orphanages, 2 child care centers, 6 schools, 2 hostels, 3 hospitals, 4 Ashram. Centres, one technical school and one nursery school.