Uttaranchal Mission

MKD Uttaranchal Mission is a mission project of Madhya Kerala Diocese of the Church of South India. It’s a mission aimed at reaching out the unreached, touching the unseen and transforming the uncared. Geographically it comes under Uttarakhand (devabhoomi) state, located at about 3300 km away from Kerala. It has its beginning on 2005. It started with the blessing of Rt Rev Thomas Samuel, Bishop in CSI Madhya Kerala Diocese and the vision of Rev Robin Iype. This mission was started in the place named Ambiwala from where all the missions in Uttaranchal mission centre trace its origin. Now we are reaching out to 200 families in 27 villages. We are aiming at the holistic development of this society by bringing them up, meeting their physical and spiritual needs.

The long cherished need of a mission centre was fulfilled during this period. A small piece of land was purchased with support of Kuwait congregation and the foundation stone was laid by our bishop in the presence of Rev Shaji M Johnson, Rev Sandeep Oommen, Rev Sajeev Sugu and members from New Delhi congregations, DMC Connaught Place, Immanuel Mayur Vihar and Bethel Vikaspuri.

  • Our mission work includes two computer centers named Grace Computer Study Center in Doonga area and Premnagar area (now about 250 students studying here), and tailoring institute named Grace Tailoring study center at gussain chowk which aims to make the village women self-sufficient, so that they could make their livelihood. We have 13 Tuition centers in different villages, through this we are doing gospel works and Sunday schools also. Every Tuition centers contains an average of 20-30 students. So more than 300 students are gaining the benefits of our Tuition classes. Educated native people are appointed as teachers in every village. There are regular teachers training and meditation programmes for the tuition teachers to motivate them in their service. With the help of well-wishers of Uttaranchal mission, we freely provide study materials for the students such as, books, pen, pencil, rubber, box, bag etc.
  • Medical Camps: We are conducting free medical camps for the financially backward people. This service plays a vital role in the growth of the mission.
  • Alcoholism is an evil in this society. Many villagers are its grasp. It is our prime motive to give them awareness about the need of leaving this evil habit.
  • Awareness classes: We conduct regular awareness classes in various local schools.

MKD Uttaranchal mission progressed a lot from its initial stages and is serving very effectively. Our mission runs with the generous support of the people. As years are passing on our financial needs are also multiplying. We all have the responsibility to make this mission grow. We request your prayer, help, support and participation for the effective functioning of Uttaranchal Mission. We hope that you will uphold us in your prayers and will continue to help our mission

Your participation:

  • Pray for the believers, seekers, missionaries, and other workers
  • Volunteer to work in the mission as a teacher
  • Become a mission partner by contributing your best towards the mission needs.