Women’s Fellowship

Women’s Fellowship of Madhya Kerala Diocese is one of the effective bodies of the diocese with a strong structure, which works towards the empowerment of women, both in the spiritual and secular fields. Geographically the diocese occupies the central part of Kerala. Madhya Kerala Diocese came into existence on 27 September 1947 when the Chucrh of South India was formed.

Mrs Gill started the ‘Mother’s Union’ in 1909 on St. Mary’s day. When the ‘Women’s Fellowship’ of CSI was formed in 1948 the ‘Mother’s Union’ merged into it.

The present Office Bearers


General Secretary

Vice President


Joint Secretary






Dr Susan Thomas

Mrs. Mercymol Shaji

Mrs. Jessy Cherian

Mrs. Suja Rei John

Mrs. Beena John

Under the auspices of the Women’s Fellowship, several programmes and projects are done. One such programme is Divyabodhini. It is a comprehensive theological educational programme. Classes are held in four centres. The classes primarily focus on the empowerment of their physical, mental and spiritual abilities, so that those dormant skills can be awakened and utilised for the upliftment of their families, churches and communities at large. The diocese comprises of 123 pastorates and many outstations and 12 districts with Womens Fellowship district secretaries. These secretaries look after the functioning WF works in their respective areas. WF members from each district meet in one place in the district four times a year to visit houses, irrespective of caste or creed to proclaim the godspel and for Bible study and intercession.

Every year the ‘World Day of Prayer’ is observed during the first Friday in March. The first Sunday in March is observed as the Women’s Sunday. We have the Annual Conference of the WF usually during the month of May. Besides we have the fellowship of the least coin also. Both men and youngsters encourage the WF with their ardent support. God is sustaining the WF through thick and thin for the last 64 years.


  • Kudumbapriyavadini: the newsletter of Women’s Fellowship, publishes articles on biblical study, family, health, mental health, women’s problems, privilages and duties, christian education, christian values and many other matters.


  • Jewel Box: Jewel Box is a restaurant run by the WF. This is situated in the Baker Compound.
  • Pisgah: A Home for retired single women.
  • Babyland Creche/ Day Care Centre: More than 20 children between the age of one and a half to three and a half are being looked after during the day time.
  • Agape: Wafer used for communion is being made here.
  • Anil Memorial Home for the Aged: Dr Mary George presented her Bungalow at Mavelikara to WF to convert it into an Old Age Home in memory of her son Anil.
  • Tabitha Tailoring Centre: Surplice, Stoles, Choir uniforms and other church vestments are made here.
  • Asha Bahavan Respite Care Centre: Asha Bahavan is for the Mentally and Physically challenged girls. This centre is at Kanakkary, near Ettumanoor.